A Foodie’s Guide to Dining in San Jose, Costa Rica

When arriving in a new country, many people often prioritize researching dining options. Locating the best places to eat is commonly done through online searches and social media, as locals typically have the most reliable insights. Simplifying this task for you, we’ve compiled a list of some highly recommended dining spots in San Jose, from our Costa Rican partner’s perspective.

Silvestre Restaurant San Jose Costa Rica

Fine Dining – Silvestre Restaurant

Silvestre Restaurant, under the guidance of Chef Santiago Fernandez Benedetto, is known as one of the finest avant-garde restaurants in Costa Rica. It’s quite an experience eating here, as you’ll get a dose of vintage Costa Rican culture as well as traditional ingredients presented with a twist. Silvestre has one of the only tasting menus in Costa Rica as well as many other gourmet dishes. 

Amor de Barrio Restaurant San Jose Costa Rica

Street Food – Amor de Barrio

Amor de Barrio means “Love of the neighbourhood” and is a great stop for those looking for a wide variety of casual eating. Located in this renovated warehouse location are several different restaurants reminiscent of food truck style areas. While the restaurants themselves occasionally change, you can be sure there will always be a great variety of food of all genres. 

Cothnejo Fishy Cantina San Jose Costa Rica

Bar Food – Cothnejo-Fishy Cantina 

Cothnejo-Fishy has been described as the “hipster cantina” of San Jose. Everything about this cantina is extra. The cocktails are extra complex and mesmerizing. The food is extra elegant and tasty. And the atmosphere is extra cool. It’s definitely going to give you an elevated experience of Costa Rican food. 

Franco Restaurant San Jose Costa Rica

Brunch – Franco Restaurant

Who doesn’t love a great brunch, especially when it lets you eat tasty fresh food at almost any time of the day? Franco Restaurant is one of the most well-known brunch spots in all of San Jose. Here you’ll find a wonderful variety of lovingly made food at any time of the day, served side-by-side with some of the best coffee in town. 

Jardin de Lolita Bar San Jose Costa Rica

Street Food – Jardin de Lolita 

Jardin de Lolita, or Lolita’s Garden, is another gastronomical market where you can find a variety of restaurant stands with outdoor and semi-outdoor seating. Burgers, sushi, fish and chips, drinks, and other kinds of street food are all local favourites, especially when visiting with groups of friends or family.

Gallo Rojo Restaurant San Jose Costa Rica

Nice Dining – Gallo Rojo 

Gallo Rojo calls itself “urban gastronomy”, inspired by different cities and cultures around the world. People love mixing and matching food from Peru, the Caribbean, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and other countries into delectable meals. 

La Hacienda Restaurant San Jose Costa Rica

Brunch – La Hacienda 

La Hacienda is another magical brunch and lunch spot that transports you out of the city. In their case, you’re taken straight to the Costa Rican countryside as you dine in or outside their traditional “hacienda” style house. Options include both brunch favourites and well-made Costa Rican classics. 


Hopefully this exhaustive list has given you some inspiring ideas of where to eat in San Jose, Costa Rica. Camino Travel’s goal is to provide tourists with trusted options of the best places to eat, travel and enjoy their beautiful country. Read more about Camino Travel on their partner page here.

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