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Crillon Tours has been at the forefront of tourism in Bolivia since 1958, offering innovative programmes in two of South America’s most spectacular highlights: Lake Titicaca and Salar de Uyuni. Their Inca Utama Hotel and Spa – on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca – reinforces the culture of the region. It features two restaurants, a spa, rooms with lake views and electric blankets, the informative Andean Roots Eco-Village and an observatory for stargazing.
The Posada del Inca Eco Lodge on Sun Island offers fantastic views of the lake and the snowy peaks of the Andes and, best of all, the company’s smooth-running hydrofoils are the perfect way to visit Lake Titicaca’s main islands and to soak up its breath-taking scenery. Equally innovative are its tours on the Salar de Uyuni, especially those using Crillon Tours’ new fleet of Deluxe Airstream Campers. The campers come complete with a chef to cook your meals or to mix you a cocktail as you gaze in awe at the world’s largest salt flats. Crillon Tours is your perfect Bolivia DMC partner.

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Landlocked and far less visited than many of its neighbours, Bolivia is the dark horse of Latin America – warm, welcoming and spectacularly beautiful. More than 60% of the population consider themselves to be of indigenous descent, following the same customs and dressing the same way as they have done for centuries, with maybe just a sprinkling of Spanish colonialism.

Topping the list of natural attractions are the world’s largest salt flats, the Salar de Uyuni, where giant pentagons of crystalline salt stretch endlessly to the horizon. Spectacular at any time of year, they’re especially surreal when seasonal rains coat the flats like a mirror, causing you to question what’s up and what’s down. And if that weren’t enough there are giant cacti, strutting pink flamingos and mineral lakes that dazzle in hues of blue, green and red.

To the north of the country, and straddling the border with neighbouring Peru, is Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake, which lies surrounded by the snow-laden peaks of the Andes.

Not to be outdone by nature, Bolivia’s cities are fascinating too. The silver mines of Potosi are said to have produced enough of the precious metal to build a solid silver bridge from there to Madrid. And in spellbinding Sucre, whitewashed streets are lined with pretty churches and balconies festooned with colourful wildflowers.

Darius Morgan


Darius Morgan Jr. is the second generation of a very successful tourism company.  Darius’s father is known as one of the pioneers of tourism to South America.

His legacy and inspiration enable Darius to be as creative as he wants, resulting in high-quality services with the backup of a solid company and professionals creating unique experiences for hundreds of visitors.

A professional Mechanical Engineer Darius gave up a hobby for his true passion – his love of Bolivia. His years of experience have proven he has the knowledge not just to promote one country, but one continent. Charisma and enthusiasm are his main tools, though being able to fix a broken vehicle is also helpful.

He reveals those authentic hidden corners to make anyone fall in love with his home country. He has introduced many original and successful products such as hydrofoils on Lake Titicaca and Airstream Campers at the Uyuni Salt Flats, giving people the chance to experience Bolivia and its gems in a truly extraordinary way.

A father of two, he loves sharing time with his kids. He enjoys speedy driving and smoking good original shisha whenever he has the time to stop and watch the world around him.

He also enjoys travelling to new places, where besides working, he has time to find and enjoy local experiences and cuisines.