Colombian Adventures: San José del Guaviare’s Natural Wonders

In the Colombian wilderness, an extraordinary adventure deep into the heart of the Amazon awaits. A journey like no other to places where ancient secrets lay hidden and natural wonders captivate one’s imagination.


Our first destination, the mystical Serranía de la Lindosa, beckons with promises of enigmatic landscapes and untold mysteries. After a 4×4 Jeep transfer a 5-kilometre trek begins at El Bambú Farm through cracked rocks, a portal to a forgotten land. The hike leads to the Labyrinths Valley, a maze of stone and history, a place where the ancient rocks whispered tales of civilizations long gone. As you enter La Nevera Cave, we can admire its walls adorned with the artistry of ancient civilisations. The Orion and the Orion Viewpoint offer vistas of unparalleled beauty.

The journey is not over yet. Next step – the pink waters of Caño Sabana, a tranquil oasis hidden within the rugged terrain. Here, in the heart of Serranía de la Lindosa, you get a chance to marvel at nature’s artistry, the hues of pink reflecting the harmony of this untouched paradise. Finally, descend to the Tranquilandia Waterfall, cascading pure water surrounded by the symphony of nature, a perfect spot to bathe.


Next chapter unfolds in Cerro Azul, a place where history paints itself upon the walls of time. A 4×4 Jeep transports us 47 kilometres from San Jose del Guaviare to a mural of cave paintings that had endured for over a millennium. With every step, as you walk alongside, the vivid red pictograms tell stories of ancient encounters.

Intriguing archaeological evidence speaks of pre-Hispanic connections between the diverse tribes of the Amazon and the Orinoquía. The very rocks on which you stand echoe with the secrets of these ancient interactions. The journey takes us through an open cave, and as we ascend to the Cerro Pinturas, we are greeted by Los Chontaduros, a panoramic viewpoint that offers a breathtaking view of the jungle, adorned with more cave paintings.


The next chapter of this adventure leads to the enigmatic Damas de Nare Lagoon, where the legendary pink dolphins, or “toninas,” live. The first part of the journey leads on a boat trip along the Guaviare River, providing that the river is high and navigable. Alternatively, if the conditions are not right, an overground trek passing through savannas and the characteristic vegetation of tropical humid forests promises unforgettable landscapes.

The second part of this journey, involves a 2-hour overland trek through the Amazon Forest which leads to the lagoon, a haven for the elusive toninas. Here, in the midst of the Amazonian wilderness, receive a briefing from the guide and get a unique opportunity to swim with the dolphins.

The mysteries of the Serranía de la Lindosa, the timeless stories of Cerro Azul, and the enchantment of Damas de Nare etch themselves into our memories. In this untamed wilderness, we uncover a story written by nature itself, a tale of beauty, history, and the enduring spirit of the Amazon.

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