Cultural Activities in the Sacred Valley of Peru with Vipac Travel

Exploring the Sacred Valley in Peru offers a unique and captivating experience for travellers seeking a deep connection with the rich cultural heritage of the region. Nestled amidst breathtaking Andean landscapes, the Sacred Valley is dotted with ancient Inca ruins, such as Pisac and Ollantaytambo, each telling a story of a bygone era. 

Peru Landscape Sacred Valley

Cultural Activities in Peru

Engaging in cultural activities here allows visitors to witness traditional Quechua communities, where time-honoured practices of agriculture, weaving, and craftsmanship continue to thrive. Local markets showcase vibrant textiles, intricate pottery, and unique handcrafted items, providing an authentic glimpse into the artistic traditions of the Andean people. 

Peru Glamping

Glamping with Vipac Travel in the Sacred Valley

Vipac Travel, our Peruvian DMC partner, offers several experiences to get hands-on with unique cultural activities in three sustainable glamping sites located within small rural communities. The glamping sites are equipped with comfortable bedding, bathrooms built with sustainable materials, hot water from solar heating and a biodigester.

Women weaving in Peru

Cultural Experiences for travellers

Cultural experiences on offer include:

  1. 1-1.5h Dyeing and weaving experience with materials included and a guide in English
  2. 1-1.5h Making of the adobe bricks experience – mixing earth with water and organic material such as straw to create building blocks with a community guide
  3. 1.5h Chicha (Andean alcoholic beverage) making experience during the Viacha glamping
  4. 1-1.5h Cooking lessons when enjoying the Misminay glamping
Cultural activities Peru

Discover Sacred Valley with Vipac Travel

The Sacred Valley isn’t just about stunning landscapes; it’s a real-life immersion into the living traditions of the Andean culture. Beyond the ancient ruins and scenic views, this place offers a chance to connect with the vibrant local customs. Get hands-on with indigenous communities, experience age-old rituals and see first-hand the enduring traditions that have persisted. Walking through the valley isn’t just a historical tour—it’s an active engagement with the everyday life and rich heritage of the Andean people. For a unique stay, immerse yourself in the valley’s culture by opting for one of Vipac’s sustainable glamping sites run by locals, providing an authentic experience while minimizing environmental impact.

Enquire about these and other cultural activities with Vipac Travel by contacting Katrina: and view their webpage here.