Nature and wellness experiences in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country that thrives on tradition and an ancestral Andean worldview. Bringing together both modern and ancient knowledge in order to become one with nature and the “Pachamama”, the revered Andean Goddess of nature.

The four regions, or “four worlds”, that can be found in Ecuador each have their own beauty and significance, and they will all inspire you to relax and give you a deeper understanding of indigenous history, as well as its reality.

Breathe in the pure mountain air atop a majestic hilltop in the middle of the Andes, take in the serenity that surrounds you as you meditate on your quest for a clearer sense of self and a more perceptive understanding of your life’s purpose. This will all combine to create a sense of connection and simplicity, making your journey one of both renewal and discovery.

Experience Andean indigenous customs as you learn about their uses of medicinal plants and herbs. Cleanse your mind and spirit with the help of a local shaman, who will perform a traditional “limpia”, and take away the weight of any negative energy you may have. Learn about indigenous communal traditions and practices such as their harvesting methods and how they put together the local “Pampa Mesa”, an ancestral form of partitioning and, above all, sharing local produce.

Enjoy doing yoga, tai chi, or meditating amongst the trees and clouds of the Mindo Cloud Forest or the Amazon Rainforest, and listen to the Pachamama speak through the thousands of bird species that can be found here. Inhale and feel the pure air given to you by the millions of trees that surround you and liberate your spirit. Swim in one of the Amazon’s many tributaries, float along with the current and become one with nature. Relax while enjoying different spa treatments with traditional Amazonian plants and herbs, reflexological therapy that will relieve any and all stress or a simple massage with hot volcanic stones to absorb mother nature’s healing force.

Explore Ecuador’s beautiful coast, where nature and local culture coexist in peace. Learn about local agricultural practices, and how some of the world’s best cacao and chocolate is produced while watching an incredible sunset. Ecuador is full of nature preserves, and its coastal area is no different; visit the wonderful Machalilla National Park and the Isla de la Plata, where you’ll be able to learn more about the area’s vast ancient history and its natural wonders as well, if you visit between July and September, you’ll even be able to observe Humpback whales migrating through its waters.

Admire nature and its ingenuity as you venture through the enchanted Galapagos Islands, learn about conservation efforts and more about the local Galapagueños who call the islands home, and live in harmony in one of Earth’s most unique ecosystems. Snorkel in the archipelago’s turquoise waters and observe the hundreds of underwater marvels on offer; a once in a lifetime experience.

Ecuador has something for every wellness fan, active or just looking to relax, from climbing and trekking to callisthenics and meditation in a remote jungle lodge. You will return home with new knowledge in your head and heart, whether it be consciousness about Fengshui, breathing methods, meditation, uses of medicinal plants, or a connection to Andean culture, you will gain unforgettable memories and experiences.

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