The 10 best restaurants in Lima, from The Summum Awards

A fireplace bears witness to countess gatherings, where joyful singing, the recounting and making of histories and the merging of bloodlines take place. A fireplace fosters dialogue, it is where elements come together and opposites attract. And in that same manner, Peruvian Nikkei cuisine was born; from the union of a complex history known as Peru and a far-off foreign history known as Japan. These came together and live in harmony creating a third reality, Nikkei Cuisine.

Dishes from Maido restaurant


Central de Virgilio Martínez: learn more about the Top 2 restaurants in the world. Their numerous dishes and range of foods all originate from Peru, but their bountiful palette and extent of unique ingredients are a result of the country’s geographic and climatic variety. Within Peruvian borders, there are three distinct regions, the coast, the mountains and the jungle – each of their distinct flavours has been integrated into the food at Central de Virgilio Martínez.

Dishes from Central restaurant


The most precise technique, the best product, and a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere are all part of the Rafael restaurant’s DNA; a republican space dressed in a celebrated collection of Contemporary art, that frames a kitchen responsible for every detail. The twenty years of uninterrupted success among the Lima public, and its consequent international fame, are based both on lifelong flavours reinterpreted under a deep and cosmopolitan look, as well as on innovative proposals made with known inputs. The staging seeks to maximize the satisfaction of the dinner. The bar has its own identity and is usually described as an attraction in itself among cocktail lovers.

Rafael restaurant

Astrid & Gastón

Astrid & Gastón at home, our new proposal, seeks to reconnect us with the dishes that were -and are- part of our tasty 26 years of history. A review of our most traditional dishes, new creations, the sweet world of Astrid and more. All made with the care and security that our time implies.

Dishes at Astrid & Gaston

Isolina Restaurant

We pay homage to the spirit and flavours of our beloved taverns of yesteryear. Also, to that Peruvian kitchen at home, to the recipes that were written down in notebooks and little by little were forgotten somewhere in the house. Isolina is based in a home that dates back to 1906. It reflects the spirit of a kitchen full of memories and functions as it did all those years ago. The space was renovated and turned into a relaxed environment to eat, drink and have a good time. Isolina Taberna Criolla is a home-from-home where spontaneous laughter and the freedom to eat as everyone wishes are very much celebrated.

Dishes from Isolina restaurant


Described by diners around the world as a unique experience and elegant atmosphere. The Fiesta restaurant was opened in the 1950s as a family restaurant where the main protagonist was northern food. However, over the years it has been renewed to position itself as one of the best restaurants in our country, not only for its exquisite menu but also for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Located in Lima, Chiclayo and Trujillo, Fiesta is one of the favourites that cannot be missed.

Dishes from Fiesta restaurant

Credit to The 2022 Summum Awards for the information and photos.

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