Why should families visit Costa Rica’s La Paz Waterfall Gardens?

Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America, but offers many treasures that can be seen in its love for nature, peace and culture, which makes it a paradise for family adventures! Take, for example, La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

It is easy to get to, located in a popular area (Poas Volcano) and has a great amount of wildlife for visitors to see and enjoy. For those who want to have it all in one dish, or if by any chance you don’t have much time or are not an adventurous person, La Paz Waterfall Garden is a great answer. It has a bit for everyone and trails that were well built without having to cut one single tree. Here, travellers stroll through the cloud forest, discovering waterfalls, nature, and traditional culture along the way. The wildlife refuge has a hummingbird garden, serpentarium, sloth habitat, toucan aviary, and jungle cat’s habitat (five out of the six species of endangered Central American Cats that were rescued and are under the care of La Paz Waterfall Gardens) for an outstanding introduction to Costa Rica’s beloved flora and fauna.

At the old-fashioned Costa Rican farmstead, you step back in time at the Casita de La Paz, a reproduction farmhouse modelled after those from 100 years ago. For historical authenticity, it was built only with tools and materials from that time period. Here, visitors can enjoy traditional treats and admire the team of oxen with their brightly painted oxcart.

Now, the real stars of this fantastic park! Two miles of nature trails that can keep you busy through the day. Meandering through the cloud forest and bordering a stream the trails offer beautiful scenery and the chance to spot non-captive wildlife. If you venture down the waterfall trail, you’ll be treated to 5 different waterfalls in the middle of a gorgeous natural setting.

We always recommend this magical site to families of all ages, for a day, or half-day, full of adventure and memories.

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