5 Unique Experiences for Luxury Trips in Peru: Culture & Cuisine

Inka Cusco Sacred Valley Peru

Peru is a country of cultures and adventures, where gastronomy, history andnature come together. It’s a place where deserts, mountains, and the Amazon rainforest deliver unforgettable experiences. People are friendly, and guides will lead you to explore the footsteps of their ancestors. Here are five experiences selected to live and enjoy, to treasure them in yourmemories and hearts. A journey designed […]

Romantic Peru with Vipac Travel

Beach and sunshine in Punta Sal If your clients want to spend their honeymoon on a quiet beach, one of the best destinations to recommend is Punta Sal located in Tumbes. This is where your clients will experience white sand, turquoise waters, sunny days and many activities. Guests can stay in a luxury resort near […]

The 10 best restaurants in Lima, from The Summum Awards

Maido A fireplace bears witness to countess gatherings, where joyful singing, the recounting and making of histories and the merging of bloodlines take place. A fireplace fosters dialogue, it is where elements come together and opposites attract. And in that same manner, Peruvian Nikkei cuisine was born; from the union of a complex history known […]